Enhancement of Antibiotic Removal in Membrane Permeate By Ozonation

Vo Thi Kim Quyen, Cao Ngoc Dan Thanh, Luu Vinh Phuc, Vo Thi Dieu Hien, Nguyen Nhu Sang, Tran Thanh Dai, Bui Xuan Thanh



In this study, the performance of ozone treatment was evaluated for removing antibiotics from permeate of membrane bioreactor (MBR) in hospital wastewater treatment. Four widely used of antibiotics were targeted including Sulfamethoxazole (SMX),Norfloxacin (NOR), Ciprofloxacin (CIP) and Ofloxacin (OFL). Before treatment, CIP was found to be the dominant antibiotic due to the highest concentration ranging from 12.462 to 13.542 µg/L. Lower concentrations were observed for NOR (8.643-10.928 µg/L), OFL (9.164-9.864 µg/L) and SMX (1.864-3.247 µg/L) in influent samples. The operational condition of ozonation was found to be ideal parametersat pH of 8.5 and contact time of 10 minutes for this study. In details, SMX, NOR, CIP and OFL were mostly removed by 70% at this condition. In conclusion, the removal efficiency of those antibiotics by ozone treatment was depending on their contacting time with ozone and pH condition.